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Why do we dance?

Without the label ‘fear’, what is fear? Without the word ‘sadness’, what is sadness? Without the thought ‘anger’, what is anger? Drop those heavy, second-hand labels, filled with judgement, and directly contact first-hand these raw, present-moment sensations in the stomach, the chest, the neck, the head.  Allow the sensations to burn, tingle, flutter, move, however intense they are.

Allow them to live, to express, to be here, just for now.


Contact the miracle of life in its raw state, before the layers of words and the war of opposites.  Feel the vibrantly alive energy of what’s here, without the labelling.


Can you see, this energy is not against life – it is life? 

Perhaps your pain is not what you think it is. 

Strip away the words ... and MOVE!

                                                                                                   (Jeff Foster)


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