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Lift sharing (click here for lift sharing fb page)



Dear Dancers,


I need dancers to CAR SHARE wherever possible to cut down on the number of vehicles arriving to the dance due to traffic and parking problems to and around the Dance Temple. Please drive yourself only if absolutely necessary. 


A convenient and regular way would be if dancers could park in the car park near the SARAH WALKER      GALLERY at these times:
MONDAYS: at 10.40am, to leave for dance at 10.45 (class starts 11am). Leaving dance approx. 12.45pm. 
FRIDAYS: Summer at 7.40pm, leaving at 7.45 (starting at 8pm) leaving dance approx. 10.00pm.

During Winter, times for evening dances and arrangements move forward 1/2 hour as we start at 7.30pm.

Also it would be helpful if those of you living in neighbouring areas or along the same route could keep in touch and car share.

Then you can arrive in the minimum amount of vehicles with drivers volunteering each time. 

The CUT OFF TIME for arrivals will be 15 minutes after classes begin and arriving from 15 minutes before, you are welcome to enjoy an early warm up.


PLEASE drive SLOWLY along the lane at all times, there are children and blind spots along the way.


NO PARKING OUTSIDE along the road. 

GATES will be kept closed so please open them, drive in and close them directly - before parking. My sheep cannot be allowed to escape.


Feel free to invite others to this page who may be coming to the dances and to add posts re lifts, as well as telling those who may not be on fb.


Thank you so much,

Love Charlie x

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