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Movement Medicine 



The School of Movement Medicine was founded by Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan. Over many years of experience they have combined a background of 5 Rhythms, the indigenous wisdom of Shamanism, Gestalt Therapy, Family Constellation Work and Neuroscience, to create the richness that has become Movement Medicine.

It is a conscious dance practice.  We take the time to listen to our body and allow it’s ‘voice’ to come through in movement.  By bringing our attention inside, we discover the connection between our body, heart, mind and spirit.  All thoughts and beliefs have an impact on our bodies, others around us and our environment.  Negative thought patterns can cause disharmony and illness. Through bringing our attention within, we discover where we are holding on and we give ourselves permission to release


Move with the ever-changing energies of thoughts and emotions,

 rather than wanting to change what feels uncomfortable.  Accept and dance with it all. 

This mindful practice connects with the energy inside you that wants to be danced. 


In Movement Medicine there are no right or wrong ways of moving, there is simply allowing.  We give all ourselves, both the welcomed and the challenging aspects, to our dance.  This is a place to honour ourselves, where we learn to become compassionate and forgiving of ourselves and others.  It doesn't depend on our physical ability, sexual orientation, fitness level, age, or whether we think we can, or can't dance.  We move entirely at our own pace.  On the dance floor we naturally form connections that go beyond words.  The class is gently facilitated to the beautiful soundscape of a diverse selection of music gifted to us from musicians around the world. 

The result of this practice is that the tools we acquire support us in our lives. We develop a deeper 

awareness of the infinite connections to ourselves, each other and all of life.  Naturally we become more responsible and conscious in our daily choices, recognizing this life is a miracle and that we are connected to everything.  We move into our own innate wisdom.  


Quite simply, Movement is Medicine


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