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When I attended 'my first dance' at Charlie's sacred space I was transported totally - she guided our group so seamlessly and gently - connected us to the earth through heart rhythms and tribal beats.  It was so inspiring. Her presence alone is healing.

                                                        Sacha Souter - Therapist

The love passion and commitment that Charlie has for her Art is reflected in the studio she has created.

I'm 74 and love dancing but the local disco doesn't quite do it for me these days.  It took me a long time to pluck up the courage to attend a Monday morning class. The first time I was apprehensive, nervous, and self conscious, I thought everyone would be looking at me.  Now I go in eagerly, take off shoes and socks, maybe lie down for a while. I can move however my body wants. Sometimes I'm plain funky-like get it on down.  Anything goes!!  I'm discovering a new me, one that can release and express all sorts of emotions, even depression.  After an hour and a half of this wonderful music and movement I go home with a deep sense of freedom and a light, soft, beautiful body.  All this has become my NEW THING!!  Amazing, I love it. Thankyou Charlie. 

                                                         Margaret Hardman - Yoga Teacher and Great Grandmother

Having the freedom to express myself through movement, music and dance has become very important to me. Here in your beautiful safe space, I am free to feel sadness and joy, work through difficulties and celebrate this wonderful life.

Thank you so much Charlie, I have so enjoyed taking this journey with you! With love and gratitude always.

                                                         Sue Swansborough 

I was nearly 70 when I went to Charlie's dance first, by the 3rd time I went, I danced 2 hours straight.  I was back in the 60’s.  Fab!                                                                             

                                                         Alex Skade - Bird Man and Animal Rescuer

The rhythm of the dance takes me on a journey, it has a healing power.

                                                          Angela O'Neill

Charlie's Amazing Self-Built Dance Temple is located in Cluain Troim - The meadow of the Elder Tree, CastletownBerehaven and gloriously looking out across the deep-water channel from the sheltered Haven to the Wild Atlantic. Here, in this hallowed (impressive Wedge Tomb nearby) place is a beautiful, open-plan space with a startling panoramic glass wall. 

In this lovely structure she has introduced Movement Medicine to West Cork. 

I can't claim to be an expert but I can explain it as I've experienced it:  A dance-movement meditation led by a teacher through music but definitely otherwise, á la carte, i.e. you choose how and at what pace you do your dance.  No dictatorship! 

Charlie has an incredible, rare gift to select and play music from a seemingly bottomless and ever-surprising reservoir to suit the mood or theme of the session and its participants. 

For myself, the benefits has been: Therapeutic - fitness, suppleness, healing and physical well-being; Esoteric (I normally shy away from New Agey terms but ...) - empowerment, more awareness of the elements and the environment surrounding us.  I personally like some of the rituals of shamanism and remembrance of folk-practice that hark back to our pre-Christian past.  

Payment is 12euro or 'Whatever You Can Afford', which is a generous-spirited gesture in keeping with this nurturing space.

Charlie has over the last year also hosted fund-raising events (e.g. Médicine Sans Frontiéres), and just some damn good parties. 

Viva la Charlie and Movement Medicine West Cork!    

                                                             Jim O'Connor - Toxophilite (archer), Writer and Eco Warrior

I was delighted finally to be able to attend Beara Moving Medicine in Charlene’s stunning studio tucked away in the beautiful valley facing the distant seafront. I had heard excited reports of a woman following her dream to bring therapeutic dance to this magical part of the world. The reality exceeded all my expectations.  After a very warm welcome a full studio of women and some men took to the floor as the music wove its magic.  ‘Sacred DJ’ Charlene knows her participants well as she wisely chose exactly what we needed to release, motivate and express our pent up emotions and wildest dreams.  I’ll definitely be back.  Beir bua!

                                                         Karen Ward - Shamanic Teacher, Holistic Presenter RTE, Author of Moon Mna Diary-Journal

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